About me

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Villanova University. I am teaching transportation engineering and planning, and conducting research in understanding the fundamentals of human mobility and transportation systems, including travelers’ choices, mobility, safety, health, and economics. More about me can be found in this personal webpage.

For students, postdocs, and visiting scholars

I am eagerly looking for motivated PhD students, postdocs, and visiting scholars, who are extremely excited about exploring data-driven modeling, simulations, and statistical methods to address transportation and mobility related research questions. If you are one, please send an email with your CV to my email address: chenfeng.xiong at villanova dot edu.

For undergraduate and high-school researchers

I welcome talented and motivated high-school students and undergraduate students to join my group for summer and regular-semester internships, experiencing research and university life and working with senior group members together on critical, interesting, and sometimes challenging research problems. Please contact me via email at chenfeng.xiong at villanova dot edu.